Monday, 21 March 2011

I Love documentaries

Any one else interested in engineering & technology might also like these documentaries I've recently watched:
-Wonders of the universe
-Zeitgeist: addendum
-BBC Planet Earth (looks stunning in BluRay)
- Super structures of the world; (more aimed at the average joe than at someone with any knowledge of structures/engineering, but was still pretty interesting)
             >London Underground

I'll add more as I watch them :)

Also, have any documentaries to recommend to me?

. . .I just remembered how much I love Louis Theroux so it looks like I am going to be set for a while!

Personality types :)

Just did a Briggs Myers personality test and found out I'm a INTJ, 'The mastermind'. One of the rarest types apparently but the descriptions describe me nicely.
Here's the link if anyone is interested.